Want to Grow & Scale your business without hiring more staff!

You know you need to acquire more leads, & sales, but not quite sure how?

We have developed tried, tested & insanely powerful customer acquisition strategies for E-commerce and B2C service-based businesses needing leads.

The Service

What We Do

You have an amazing product or service… and your job is to deliver for your clients. You may be seeing a measurable level of success! Kudos to you if that’s the case.

But you know you can take it further, reach more customers, sell more products and help more clients!

The only issue is that… You just don’t know how, or you don’t have the BIG BUDGETS that the “expert agencies” are demanding!

Our Services Might Just Be Of Interest To You!

We’re one of if not the only flat rate Facebook. Instagram or Google advertising services that can provide you with a full media buying solution. [more leads, sales & customers for you]

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The Process

How It All Works

We offer a simple and efficient process that works with any type of business regardless of size or specialties. See just how easy it can be for your business to get new leads, sales & customers on a daily basis.

Choose A Service That Suits Your Business And Finances

You’ll be sent login details to your personal business portal, take the time to fill out your project request and provide us with all the detail you can.

Meet Your Expert

Once you submit your project request and details, it will be assigned to one of our marketing experts, one that is most aligned with your business and goals.

Get Ready For Growth

Your expert will get stuck in, they’ll start building your campaigns, they keep you informed through your portal, you’ll get to approve everything before they push go.

Buckle Up For Long Term Success

The entire team at Ads-Lab are insanely passionate about your growth and long term success.

About Us

The Ads Lab Mission

The purpose of Ads Lab is to help you. It is to help you rise to the top of your niche in terms of brand position, goodwill, reputation and sales.

The team here have decades of experience with paid advertising, having spent well over £2 million alone last year on advertising, generating well in excess of £12m for our clients.

If you’re facing advertising obstacles, if you’ve dabbled with paid advertising and it’s not delivered what you expected, then there’s a reason for that, our soul goal is to make you become magnetic to your ideal prospects, to draw them towards you like a moth to the light.

When this is done properly, it will culminate in an easier and more efficient sales process.

Are We A Fit

Why Use Ads Lab

Create A Winning Ads Strategy

We create Facebook ads that deliver more engagement, more leads and more sales.

Design Adverts That Convert

Our media buyers and designers know what converts to get you the best results.

Right Message, Right Audience, Right Time

We’ll place ads right in front of the people who matter most.

You Need A Return On Your Investment

Our ad’s team simply deliver results.

What We Deliver

Reach More People Than Ever Before

Think about this… Your business has the ability to reach more people than ever before at any point in human history. And we can do it for relatively little investment.

Let that sink in… The reach you have as a business is insane! Now if you’re reading this page you know the opportunity is there, you just might not know how to make it work for you!
Here’s how to get as many clients, customers, and sales as your business can handle (budget dependent). Your media buyers will:

Don’t forget, we have no long term contracts…only agencies who are not confident in their ability to deliver tie you into long term retainer agreements!

Happy Clients

Some Stories From Our Customers

John Stokoe – IMN Cardiff

Ads Lab has certainly risen to the challenge. When faced with a new event with little time and with zero experience on my side, they competently took time to understand my needs, and with their wisdom have molded their skills to ensure my events are attended with relevant clients. If you need someone to run with something that isn’t your skillset you can leave it to Ads Lab – Commendable.

Kris Knight – Reclaim Your PPI

You have done too well !!! We are completely drowning and can’t cope with the numbers being produced. Amazingly we will need to reduce the spend down to £1500 a day until 1st May and then back to £2k a day. Ridiculous I know and something I can look at next week.

Andy MacDonald – Mortgage.Claims

We have worked with Mark on a number of projects. These have included SEO on existing and new sites and also on the running of Facebook Advertising campaigns. The team has always delivered results, outperforming initial targets. No matter what time of day Mark is on hand to help, develop, grow & build a successful online brand/campaign. I would happily recommend Ads Lab for any projects you may have.

Let’s see if we could be a good fit

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Any Questions?

Freequently Asked Questions

What makes you so good?

Over the years we’ve spoken to thousands of business owners, marketers etc. Almost all the failures we see have less to do with the product or service and more to do with the person’s ability to communicate it’s value to their intended audience! We’ve been in the digital trenches for decades and know what works and what doesn’t!

How do I know you’ll deliver results?

Check out our testimonials and case studies. Can we 100% guarantee that we’ll smash it out of the park for you? No, sadly we do not own the advertising networks, when they change their algorithms, we are not responsible. If you have a good product or service and there is demand for it, we’re confident we’ll deliver!

Do monthly services auto renew?

Once you purchase a monthly service, you’re all set. It will automatically renew on a 30-day cycle. You can cancel the subscription anytime via your dashboard. Please see Canceling a Subscription for steps on how to cancel.

How long will it take to get my ads live?

That all depends on how quickly you provide all the information we need, this is requested through your dashboard. Once we have the information, we’ll assign you a media buyer and they will get to work. It usually takes 3-5 working days to get set up and live.

Can I review the ads and copy

Of course, it will be sent to you via your dashboard for your approval.

Do you offer a free trial?

Afraid not, we offer incredible value, so no free trials.

I’m not based in the UK, can I still use you?

Indeed you can!

Can I call you to discuss in more detail?

Yes, you can. However, before you do, please use our friendly chatbot (bottom right of this page) and if you still need to speak to us you can book a call here

Can’t find the answer?

Mail us at [email protected]