Consulting Services

We Can Either Work With You... Or We Can Simply Do It For You.

Whether you want help getting your campaigns back on track or you are looking for experienced media buyers that know what converts in order to get you the best results, that’s where we come in.

We are not put off if you have had a bad experience we another agency, you are not alone. It is also ok if you don’t have the time or skills and feel a bit lost trying to get paid ads to work.

Rest assured we have spent decades learning how to put the right message, in front of the right audience, at the right time! So the people who matter the most to you, get to see your product, service but most importantly…. your offer!

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How We Can Help You Grow

Our Consulting Process Makes It Easier Than Ever Before To Scale Your Business.


Understand & Explore

We go through our onboarding and discovery session to fully understand what we are trying to achieve together.


Back To The War Room

From our initial call, we map out precisely the strategy that is going to deliver the results you are aiming for.


The Building Blocks

We get to work setting up your ad account structures and implementing essential tracking & CRM integrations required.


Craft & Launch

It's now time to craft all copy, create the ads & any landers, before scheduling the first campaigns to go live.



Once the campaigns are running, we check the accounts daily to generate the lowest CPA & CPL for your spend.


Scale & Grow

Once we understand what is working predictably, we look to scale your ad spend & maximise customer acquisition.

Traffic Generation

We work across multiple ad platforms & have been trusted to invest millions in ad spend over the last 6 years by our clients.

Funnel Builds

We've created everything from simple opt-in funnels, sales funnels, quiz funnels to complex multi-step funnels with full backend CRM automation.

We Specialise In


Our co-founder Mark has spent nearly 10 years immersed in copywriting to understand how to provoke a positive reaction.


We're ultimately only interested in measurable results. We aim to gather the most insightful data possible to get you the best results for your investment.

We Generate Sales Across Multiple Channels

What Our Clients Think

Ads Lab skilfully crafted an effective lead generation programme for our company incorporating engaging landing pages and email conversion funnels. The team provided a high-touch professional service which I can thoroughly recommend. I am extremely pleased with Ads Lab’s performance and accountability - they will be a valuable partner to our ongoing campaigns.

Neil ReynoldsClient Services Director, Value The Markets

You have done too well !!! We are completely drowning and can’t cope with the numbers being produced. Amazingly we will need to reduce the spend down to £1500 a day until 1st May and then back to £2k a day. Ridiculous I know and something I can look at next week.

Kris KnightOwner, Reclaim Your PPI

Ads Lab has certainly risen to the challenge. When faced with a new event with little time and with zero experience on my side, they competently took time to understand my needs, and with their wisdom have moulded their skills to ensure my events are attended with relevant clients. If you need someone to run with something that isn’t your skillset you can leave it to Ads Lab – Commendable.

John StokoeFounder, IMN

We have been working with Ads Lab for 6 months during which time Stuart has developed and managed our CRM system and distribution list. What sets Stuart apart is his passion for the job, personal integrity, professionalism, and desire to do all he can for his clients. If you are looking for someone you can trust to support you in this space then look no further than Stuart and the team at Ads Lab.

Thomas Chalmers & Russell BorlandPartners, Leading Figures

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Whether you are looking for a PPL (Pay-Per-Lead) service or a consulting service, most lead costs and campaigns have different requirement and therefore costs will vary.

What we can say is that we offer different pricing models from a cost per lead, flat fee, percentage of ad spend or a hybrid model best of specific goal and objectives being met. Regardless all fees are agreed up front and paid in advance of work starting that week with Pay-Per-Lead or that month with our consulting agreements.

How much do I need to be able to spend to work with you?

We have worked with and generated results for client spending as little as £2,000 + vat per month, up to clients spending £100,000+

If you are considering the Pay-Per-Lead model then you need to be able to handle a minimum of 50 leads per week.

If you are considering the consulting model, we charge a monthly fee (payable in advance) plus ad spend (the ad spend can either be charged in advance and managed on our ad accounts or you can grant us access to your ad accounts, leaving you in control of all your digital assets).

There are also other hybrid models we work on that can include a performance fee based on results, or you could start on a flat fee for a period and then move to a performance model.

How quickly can we get started

Once you have been through our onboarding process and we are both in agreement to what we are going to deliver, we can typically get your first ads live within 7 days.

Are we tied into long term contracts with you?

No you are not, our agreements are typically 3 months to allow us to get your campaign to where we initially agreed it would be. After the 3rd month you are on a rolling month-to-month agreement, with 30 days termination notice by either party.

How do I know you’ll deliver results?

Check out our testimonials and case studies. Can we 100% guarantee that we’ll smash it out of the park for you? No, sadly we do not own the advertising networks, when they change their algorithms, we are not responsible. If you have a good product or service and there is demand for it, we’re confident we’ll deliver!

Can you help with copywriting and creative?

When it comes to copywriting, we insist on crafting it. If we are going to put our names and reputations against something, we want it to have the best chance of succeeding. That being said, often you are the subject matter experts and it may require a joint effort initially.

Regarding creative, we have our own in-house designer to help with graphic design, video editing and other digital asset creation if required.

Can I review the ads, copy and creative

Of course, it will be sent to you via your dashboard for your approval.

I’m not based in the UK, can I still use you?

Indeed you can! We currently work with clients in the UK, US, Canada and Europe.

Do you offer a free trial or free leads?

Afraid not, we offer incredible value, so no free trials or leads.

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