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If you’re not attracting leads to your business, sooner or later you’re going to have a serious problem.

Quality leads are the lifeblood of every business, whether online or offline.

If you work in content marketing, you know that it’s the quality of the lead that really matters. There are a number of tactics that you could employ to generate leads faster. But, if they’re not targeted, high-quality leads, you’ll have wasted time and money.

Remember that every lead generation campaign is powered by email marketing. In other words, no matter which of the lead generation strategies you choose, you’ll always need an email autoresponder to capture the prospect’s information, nurture the leads and turn them into customers. Your goal is to drive targeted visitors who are interested in your offer, through your funnel.

If you’re a content marketing professional, struggling to position yourself online and to attract the right leads who’ll respond positively to your offer, the step-by-step strategies below will help you succeed.

Strategy #1:  Turn on the Circle of Leverage

It’s been said, more than a thousand times, that the right content can drive leads for your business.

But, what if you spend all of your time and resources creating content that you believe in, but you’re still not satisfied with the result? You may need some growth hacks to break out of this trap.


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